2013 Sakura Medal Books

Fearless by Colin Thompson


Please add a comment below once you have finished reading this book.


Author: dontflop

Enjoy the ride !

6 thoughts on “Fearless by Colin Thompson

  1. I love this book because it is about a dog who used to be scared but at the end he fights a robber and then he is not scared anymore.

  2. I love the book a lot and that is a funny name for a dog who is not fearless!
    I love the part when he said to the robber Hey get your feet of the table in big dog barks!

  3. I thought the book was funny. Fearless is a great character because at first he was a wimp but in the end he became a fearless hero!
    Satoshi 4G

  4. I liked this book because the dog was cute and I thought
    the owner was really nice and smart because they got it
    from the Adopt-A-dog shop.If I was the owner I would get
    dogs from there too.I have experienced it before in my life
    I like him because he was a wonderful and funny dog so
    I would love him too.Even though he was scared of big
    things like cars.He was a Hero because he caught the
    robber so he couldn’t steal anything.

  5. I thought Fearless was a brave dog because he fought with the robber. Because of his help, the robber ran away stealing nothing. I thought Fearless was cute too. I know that Fearless got his name from his attitude. This book was easy to read.


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