2013 Sakura Medal Books

Participating Schools

Participation by each school can change from year to year, and not all schools participate in all of the categories.

>Parents,individuals, and children, please sign up for the Sakura Medal, ‘childrens book news in Japan’.<

Schools who wish to participate – Please contact  librariansjapan@yahoogroups.com

Mt. Fuji (©Brian Farrell)

The American School in Japan

The British School in Tokyo

Canadian Academy

Canadian International School Tokyo

Christian Academy in Japan

DISK – Doshisha International School, Kyoto

Hiroshima International School

Hokkaido International School

International School of the Sacred Heart

K. International School

Makuhari International School

The Montessori School of Tokyo

Nagoya International School

New International School of Japan

Nishimachi International School

Osaka International School

St. Mary’s International School

Saint Maur International School

Seisen International School

Tokyo International School

Tokyo Korean School

Yokohama International School




25 thoughts on “Participating Schools

  1. Hello
    Osaka International School would love to participate this year. I hope that our Grade 6 and 7 students will be involved in reviewing the books.
    Kind regards
    Yvonne Barrett

  2. Hi Yvonne,

    I’ve added you to the list – sorry about that!

    Brian Farrell
    Librarian @ YIS

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  4. Hi Brian,

    Could you add the Canadian International School to the list. I can’t wait for my students to read the fantastic books that were selected.


  5. Thanks Brendan, I’ve added you to the list.

    Brian Farrell
    YIS Librarian

  6. The Sakura Medal program started in 2005-2006.
    I don’t know the other category winners, because at St. Mary’s I only participated in the middle school books category, but the 2006 MS winner was Arkangel by Anthony Horowitz.

  7. who’s brian?

  8. Could you add Makuhari International School as well?

  9. The blog is great and my students are excited to be a part of the Sakura Medal voting process. Thanks Brian again for your work to keep this blog running!

    The other B. at MIS!

  10. Done. Welcome to the program MIS!

  11. I am a teacher at Tokyo Korean School.

    We saw a great display at ASIJ when we visited the elementary library earlier this year,

    We have 600 students learning english using an immersion system.

    We have an English library with 6,000 titles available to the kids.

    We’d like to be added to the participating schools.

    If you have , can you send me the list for picture books and chapter books with ISBNs. I would be most grateful.

    Yours faithfully,
    Mr James Stacey
    Tokyo Korean School


  12. Im from Seisen and I love what we do there because there is alot of activities we can do there and learn different kinds of interesting things!!!

  13. Please add K. International Schoo, Tokyo. We finally got the books!

  14. Thanks for nominating “The Book That Eats People” for the Sakura Medal. It’s wonderful to see kids being eaten in Japan (and enjoying it)!

    Happy reading!
    John Perry

  15. Please add Okinawa International School to the list for the next Book Bowl!

  16. Hi John,

    We have a bit of a group of librarians set up that organizes the Sakura Medal amongst other things. If you’d like to be added to our listserv and receive information about our meetings (next one is May 13 at St. Mary’s in Tokyo), please send me an email: farrellb {at} yis.ac.jp. I’m sure we’d love to have you host one of our meetings in Okinawa!



    Brian Farrell
    Head of Library and Information Services
    Yokohama International School

  17. A whole lot schools!

  18. Hello Brian,

    I am the brand new librarian at New International School of Japan and recently joined the librarian’s group. We would like to participate in the Sakura Medal for 2013, can you add us to the list of participating schools please? Thank you.

  19. Hi Joanne,

    I’m now in Korea at Branksome Hall Asia, and so James Stacey from Tokyo Korean School has taken on the responsibility of running this site. I can still update and edit things though, so I’ve added you to the list, but he’ll be your go-to guy for any future inquires.



  20. Thanks Brian,

    I am slowly cleaning things up here. How are things going over there ?


  21. No problem James!

    Things are busy here, but going well. I’m now working on the site for the Morning Calm Medal (Korea’s take on the Sakura Medal), so I seem to be a glutton for punishment!


  22. Thanks Brian. Indeed James also directed us to the database on the Yahoo group site!

  23. Hello
    Jingumae International Exchange School would love to participate Sakura Medal program. We have an English library with 5,000 titles available to the kids. Could you help me what we need to participate Sakura Medal 2013?

    Kind regards
    Abdullah Essiz
    JIES Librarian.

  24. Aichi International School in Nagoya would like to participate in this program. Please send along any helpful information as we implement it into our reading program. We are having some trouble sending email to the address provided.

    Thank you!
    M Spencer

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