2013 Sakura Medal Books

The Peace Bell by Margi Preus


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Author: dontflop

Enjoy the ride !

18 thoughts on “The Peace Bell by Margi Preus

  1. I think Margi Preus was inspired by the PEACE BELL in Japan.
    I was very happy when she came.

  2. This book is so nice. It is about a girl who love the sound of a valuable bell.

  3. I love this book! It is so nice to see how two countries who were at war could become friends by returning a bell that a town loved.

  4. I loved this book. By the cover I thought it might be boring. But then it turned out something else. Its nice to see how people get sad if something important is missing. Its like they are part of the team in a war.

  5. I also thought this looked boring because of the cover but now I regret!
    I got very impressed by seeing 2 different countries getting well together.
    It was fun watching Margi Preus’s presentation at our school!

  6. The book is all about peace.
    It’s a good book.
    The book’s pictures are good too.

  7. This book is good because it talks about peace and peace is important. I never knew that they use coins to make guns. That was the sad part.

  8. Seisen was very lucky to see the author, Margi Preus!
    —— (thats a mystery name) saw the peace bell too but I couldn`t hear the beautiful sound of the bell ringing…T^T

  9. I loved how you took a real story but you turned it into someone telling the story. It was awesome!!!

  10. I liked the part where the part the boy was ringing the bell in fornt of his sister!

  11. I liked the part where the part the boy was ringing the bell in front of his sister!

  12. I LOVED this book. i thout it was sad but happy. I’m glad i choose this book.

  13. I LOVED this book. I’m glad i picked this book.This book was sad and happy!!!!!!!

  14. I liked the part when the peace bell comes back.
    It was kind of sad when the peace bell is gone.

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