2013 Sakura Medal Books

秘密のスイーツ by はやしまりこ



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Author: dontflop

Enjoy the ride !

2 thoughts on “秘密のスイーツ by はやしまりこ

  1. A girl named Murata Risa meets another girl from 66years ago called Nakamori Yukiko .They found a time tunnel and they traded sweets and gets into very good friends. But then Risa finds out that they are in the middle of a war with America & they get bombs that fly down to where Yukiko lives. Risa saids “You guys are going to loose the war.” then Yukiko said ” No we are going to win, are teacher even saids that we are going to win. Are you a spy from America? Well, thank-you for the snacks but Bye I’m going to not be your friend any more.” Then would they be friends agin?

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