2013 Sakura Medal Books

Tussock by Elizabeth Pulford


Tussock by Elizabeth Pulford

Tussock Book Trailer from Labrarian Laleman on Vimeo.

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Author: dontflop

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3 thoughts on “Tussock by Elizabeth Pulford

  1. I like Tussok. It was nice.
    I like this book because it was about adventure.

    This book is about a girl looking for her father.

    I think people should read it because it has a lesson: whoever you are , you
    are you. Be yourself.

  2. This is a really interesting book to read. This story is really happy in the end, but before that, it was really sad. I can feel how Kate really loves her father and that she really misses her father. If I was her, I would cry every day thinking about my father. It is a very touching story, and I’m pretty sure that almost everybody who reads this touching story would cry, then smile than cry than smile. When I read towards the end, I really wanted to read more about what happened afterwards, when she finally got to see her father. And I wonder what is Kate’s father’s reaction about the Stone Man and the lamp. He must of been very proud of his daughters, I’m really sure.

    I wonder what happened to Troy? Probably he is a little injured? Troy is a very brave boy- I can tell in the middle of the book when Troy was trying to help Kate to run away from Troy’s father.

    When I first looked at the title of the book, I thought that Troys father was Walter, and that he didn’t like his father, and that he didn’t want Walter to come back and be rescued. And actually, reading this book, I found out that his father was a prisoner, and a murderer. How did the author, Elizabeth, made this story. Without her, this I wouldn’t have read this book, I wouldn’t have enjoyed anything like this. What inspired the author to be a writer?
    This is a really nice story- plus very touching, and everyone must have liked it when they finished reading this story. Although the cover looked a little boring, but actually, when you read the inside, it is so lively.
    Once again, I’m telling you- this is a really really beautiful and touching story.

  3. I think Kate was a really nice sister to Madeline because: 1. Kate let Madeline come into her hut. 2. Kate never told Madeline that the stone man wasn’t real. 3. Kate told others (or gave hints- implied) to NOT say the stone man wasn’t real in front of Madeline. 4. Kate let Madeline use her stuff (the beads for the stone man’s eyes). 5. Kate let Madeline come with her on the walks/hikes to the lake (I am not sure wat it’s called).
    At first I thought that Troy was in juvenile hall because he said,” Have you ever been inside a jail?”
    I think Marina is a bit weird/violent but I feel sorry for her! 😦

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