2013 Sakura Medal Books

Trapped by Michael Northrop


Trapped by Michael Northrop

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Author: dontflop

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5 thoughts on “Trapped by Michael Northrop

  1. This is a novel about seven high school students trapped in their school during a terrible snow storm. After some initial excitement and exploitation of their situation including raiding the school canteen, the reality of their peril sinks in. The different personalities make for some unsettling alignments of loyalties and tensions grow, especially as only two of their number are girls.
    I found the story painfully slow and boring and would have preferred to see the plot as a short story. The characterisation was insufficient to build the necessary tension. There are hints that something awful is going to occur but the reality was something of an anticlimax and in all truth the middle half of the book could have been lost without impacting on the drama. The last six chapters could have almost stood alone.

  2. WARNING!!! You might want to be careful because this book gets your whole attention!!! I’m warning you for those who are busy because of after school activities.
    This book is about some high school students who get locked in the high school and a lot of problems happens!!!
    As some of you watched in the advertisement, not all of the students made it to their houses. If you ask who didn’t make it, you have to find out!!!

  3. This book was really good. I enjoyed reading it and couldn’t put it down. If I had not left it at school, I might have finished it in two days! The story of 7 high school students that have to survive the regions largest blizzard in their school. Normally, I just read books where the main character is a girl, but I think any teenager can enjoy this on-edge thriller. 🙂

  4. This book was good… the end had a nice twist because normally the main character will get his/her love of his/her life, but in this story he doesn’t. IT IS SURVIVAL

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