2013 Sakura Medal Books

The Sixty-Eight Rooms by Marianne Malone


The Sixty-Eight Rooms by Marianne Malone

68 rooms Book Trailer from Labrarian Laleman on Vimeo.

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Author: dontflop

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7 thoughts on “The Sixty-Eight Rooms by Marianne Malone

  1. Sixty eight rooms is a book about a boy and a girl, a key, sixty eight tiny rooms in a museum and a book. It’s a mystery and a fantasy. The kids really like going to the museum and there they find a key that makes them shrink. Now they can enter the rooms and begin their adventure. I really liked it because it’s interesting and you really want to finish and see what happens.

  2. The book sixty eight rooms is about two children Ruthie and Jack. They go for a field trip to a museum and find a key. They shrink and enter the throne rooms. That is where there adventure starts. This book carries you away and you do not feel like stopping, that is why I like it.

  3. I like this story because it hides lots of mysteries behind Ruthie and Jack. And even the key- especially- makes me want to hold it and shrink down and look everywhere including the Thorne rooms. I wonder in the end if Ruthie and Jack didn’t have enough time to get out of the museum, what would happen. Would they stay in the Thorne rooms again for another night?
    I wish that in the end I could hear the conversation that Ruthie, Jack and Caroline made. I wish the story would continue on and on!

  4. Me , too! The book was so interesting that I could’t take my nose out of it!
    Is Marianne Malone alive? I really want to talk about the book and interview her!

  5. If you like books about adventure and fantasy, then please read this book. My favorite part is when Ruthie and Jack discover the diary of Christina, Duchess of Milan. It was amazing that when they were reading the diary, they could hear Christina reading it aloud. It’s like magic.

  6. The Sixty Eight Rooms is about Ruthie and her best friend Jack. They find a magical key at an Art Museum and soon, they find out that when Ruthie touches the key, she shrinks and is able to go inside the paintings of the Throne Rooms. They meet magical people and goes to the time of the French Revolution. The person I am talking about is Sophie, a French girl who learns English and soon must marry. Ruthie and Jack travels around the paintings with small sizes!! This book is very good and I think readers who are into magic and fantasy should check this out.

  7. I really liked this book because it was a very original and was very different from other books I have read. When I was small, I watched this thing called “Grandpa’s Magical Toys”, and it was kind of like this book except some kids shrink because of magical glittery dust and explore different places and meet different toys. (Or maybe the toys become bigger… I’m not really sure 😉 I recommend THE 68 ROOMS to readers who like fantasy, mystery, and adventure books.

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