2013 Sakura Medal Books

The Shadows (Books of Elsewhere) by Jacqueline West


The Shadows by Jacqueline West

Book of Elsewhere Student Review from Labrarian Laleman on Vimeo.

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Author: dontflop

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8 thoughts on “The Shadows (Books of Elsewhere) by Jacqueline West

  1. This book is really exciting and adventurous! It’s a really good book… Trust me!

  2. I have not read the whole book but from what I read it is so exiting!

    • This book makes you have a mix of feelings like sad, excited, happy, and super super scared! That is another reason why I like it

  3. I enjoyed reading this book. It’s so cool that Olive can go inside paintings while wearing magic spectacles. My most favorite part is when Olive finally gets rid of Aldous McMartin by using a flashlight. The story is full of magic and mystery. I can’t wait to read the next book!

  4. I think this is the best book I’ve read so far. The story is full of magic, mystery and adventures. I quickly zone out. Do you know what zone out means? Please reply

  5. Its really cool that Olive can go in pantings but it was scary when we found out Annabell was a bad guy and was related to Aldouns. It was also cool when Olive gets rid of him using mirrors and a light.

  6. The Books Of Elsewhere is about Olive and she moves to a new house. but the house is full of mysterious paintings and there’s a secret the house is hiding. She can go inside the paintings and uncover the secrets. She meets 3 talking cats, a boy name Morton, and a young lady who is familiar with Aldous McMartin, the painter of the pictures and the owner of the house. The ghost of Old Man McMartin still lives in the house and wants to get rid of Olive with Annabelle’s help, the young lady!

  7. I liked this book because the story was unique and interesting but, I didn’t like the ending because it was a bit too predictable. For me, a 5th grader, it was a bit easy but I think it could be the right reading level for a 4th grader. I think if the author made the ending more mysterious and different like the rest of the story, it could’ve made the book more better.

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