2013 Sakura Medal Books

The Rat Brain Fiasco by Julie Berry


The Rat Brain Fiasco by Julie Berry

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Author: dontflop

Enjoy the ride !

7 thoughts on “The Rat Brain Fiasco by Julie Berry

  1. I just only read the first chapter and this book was very fun! Why did you Think to write this wonderful book?

  2. I really like this book because its scary and its also adventurous at the same time. First i thought that Cody would be smart but he got sent to this school called Splurch Academy where all the teachers are monsters. Cody and the other boys in that school tries to escape but at that time a wolf appears and catches them and brings them back. They need to have a plan so they can all escape and come back to their homes with their parents.

  3. This book was very interesting. Cody Mack is a troublemaker who is sent to a boarding school called Splurch Academy for Disruptive Boys. Cody tries to escape because all the teachers there are monsters.

  4. The Rat Brain Fiasco is a really creepy book. I don’t call monsters scary but I call it kind of weird and creepy. Oh, why am I talking about monsters?? Because this book is about monsters! But it gets worse, they aren’t just any monster, they are TEACHER MONSTERS!!!! That is a kid’s nightmare. This book is about Cody Mack that gets sent to boarding school but he figures out that the headmaster is planning to suck all the boy’s brains and make them do what he tells them to do. Cody is very adventurous so he asks his new friends to cooperate and work together!

  5. The Rat Brain Fiasco is an interesting book about monsters.
    I like the part how Cody and his friends cooperate and tries be adventurous.

  6. Rat brain Fiasco is a very funny book. I liked it how cody and his friends have a car crash into the buliding. The staff/teachers were Monsters!!! Help!

  7. This book is VERY interesting. It’s about Cody and his friends and how they survive Splurch Academy. They all want to escape but they don’t know how! They try different ways to escape but they always get caught by the teachers. When it was Cody’s first escape, Mr. Howell caught him. This book is kind of creepy but very interesting!

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