2013 Sakura Medal Books

Sarindi’s Dragon Kite by Janine Fraser


Sarindi's dragon kite by Janine M.…

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14 thoughts on “Sarindi’s Dragon Kite by Janine Fraser

  1. This book is one of the best books I read in my life! It was alittle sad when they only found out that Aggie was the only one alive.

  2. I’ve never read the book,but it seems interesting! What’s it about?

    • Amani,
      This book is about a boy named Sarindi. One day, a big earthquake happend. They where most affrade what happend to there uncle,aunt and cousins. After that is the sad part. What do you think it is?

  3. Nana,
    You wrote on the top that the sad part is that Aggie is the only one alive.
    Am I right?

  4. I like this book. My cousin from Australia gave this book as a Christmas present. While reading the part where the earthquake happened, I remember Japan’s big earthquake last March 11. I felt sad because Sarindi’s uncle, aunt and his 2 cousins died. Only Agi survived and Sarindi took care of her.

  5. This book kind of reminded me of the Tohoku earthquake. This book is about a boy name Sarindi and a dragon kite. He gets it for his birthday but on the same day, there was an earthquake somewhere. The area that was most dreadful was also the home of his cousins and aunts and uncles! When he and his father goes to see what has happened, only Agi (the youngest one) remained alive. POOR AGI!!

  6. It is Sardini’s birthday aamily are looking forward to nd he got a kite. He and his family are looking forward to fly it but then a earthquake has happened and there has been alot of damage in the near by village where their cousins live. A lot of people have died so Sardini and his dad go to search for them but when they get there they only find Agi, the youngest one. Will Sardini get to ever even fly the kite? Is their relatives even alive?

  7. I really liked it but I feel sad for Agi’s family but good that they didn’t have a tsunami like the Tohoku,Japan.

    • Me too Milly.I wonder what did happen to the rest of the family.Good that she was saved because she’s the youngest.

  8. Me too
    I wonder what happened to the rest of the family.

  9. Sarindis Dragon kite is about a boy who wishes for a dragon kite for his birthday.One day a big earth quake comes and some of his family members get killed. It is a bit of a sad story but in the end it turns out all right.

  10. Sarindi’s Dragon Kite is happy when it goes into sadness and back to happy moments. The earthquake in the book is like the earthquake at March 11th 2011. I felt sorry for agi’s family.

  11. I really like this book. it makes you reflect on the earthquake on March 11th.
    I think the message is: Keep hope. At the end Sarindi and his family had kept hope and happly flew the Dragon kite. I really like this book.

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