2013 Sakura Medal Books

Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper


Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper

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30 thoughts on “Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper

  1. I love this book! The author wrote in a way that really makes you understand what it must feel like to have Cerebral Palsy. It must be so frustrating to know so much and not be able to tell people. This book made me feel sorry for Melody, I also cheered for her and I got mad at how people treated her. I highly recommend it!

    • Melody is the best. This book is my number one fav, even before The Hunger Games. It made me want to laugh and cry at once…
      This book rocks.

      • This book really makes me understand how handicaped people feel, buy Melody let me understand and think more about handicaped people. What its like. Last year at my old school there was this boy in kindergarden, he was handicaped. He could talk but people though he was dumb, but actually he got good grades. Almost like Melody.

  2. I liked this book because it is amazing to fix the main characters problems. I feel a little sad at the end but I`m happy that she has a ability to fix her problem. I recommend this book to 3~4th graders. Have fun READING!

    • I love it too. I got the book from scholastics. I wish kindergardeners could read carefully and try one of the Sakura medal books like Out of My Mind. There is no way someone could encourage them to read but does anyone know Matilda? She always loved books starting from when she was 3 years old. Isn’t that amazing? Thanks for posting this comment Anonymous!

  3. Is this story true? I love it! I mostly read at least 23 minutes a day for the reading homework.I can’t believe that she gets her own computer and can finally express what she wants to say! What happens next? Im only on chapter 17. What happens at the last chapter? There is no way I can finish the book by this month because there are 31 chapters in the book! Why did you have to make it so long? How come when you start reading the book it looks plain boring but then it gets more interesting? I want to know! My favorite author is Roald Dahl and its because his books are interesting in the middle part of the book. I stopped reading Charlie and the chocolate factory because I wanted to start reading Out of My Mind.

    To, Sharon

    From, Sophie Cha.

  4. I LOVE this story is my favorite book ever! It is really touching. There are some parts that made me happy like when Melody gets in the quiz team and some parts that made me SO mad like when the team left Melody behind when everyone else went to Washington D.C I felt like I was going to scream! I love it!

    • Hey Sophia, are you reading the same thing? What chapter are you on? Im on chapter 17. Why did they leave Melody behind? She’s a great girl they should let her go on the trip! If I see the reason why I’m gonna scream so loudly that my neighbors could hear me.

  5. Sophie,
    They left Melody because they were excited and decided they would eat breakfast together and they thought Melody was gonna make them slow so they left her!
    Sophie, your supposed to write Sophie Seisen!
    The Sophia you talked to was from another school…no offense!

  6. 😦 😛

  7. Sorry Sophie. I’ll get back on topic. 🙂 ❤

  8. Poor Melody… I feel so bad for her that she can’t communicate and do stuff how we can. But thanks to Catherine she get’s something…………… 🙂

    • But Melody is a good girl so they should have brought her! It’s really sad. I feel bad for Melody. One time, I wanted milk for my drink at breakfast then I was yelping then pointing to my cup then the fridge. My parents didn’t get it but my mom finally got what I wanted. It is really hard to be Melody. I feel really bad for her.

  9. This is such a sad story. Melody couldn’t talk OR walk. Poor her. I would have felt miserable everyday if I was her. But one thing good about her is that she is very talented on almost all subjects, and she can memorize, and remember alot of difficult vocabulary. How can she be so smart in the mind, while she cannot walk or even talk? Her life would have been perfect if she could walk and talk. It would be wonderful. I wonder what made the author write this story. What inspired the author to be an author? This story almost made me cry- my eyes were full of tears when Melody couldn’t go to the competition or when her little sister, Penny, got injured. When I got to the end of the story, I really wanted to read more. Melody expressed her feelings a lot like when she couldn’t talk. It’s like when she said that words were twirling around her like snowflakes, each one different. This beginning made me want to read more and more. When it came to the part that Melody’s team won on the first competition, I was so delighted and was proud of the team, especially Melody. But when it came to the part when Melody couldn’t go to the final competition in Washington D.C, I had to hold my tears. It must be so painful for Melody!
    This story isn’t always sad- there are some happy parts for example when Melody got a new machine to type in so that it can talk. Just by reading this novel, Out of my Mind, it makes me want to read more of the author’s book.

  10. This is a very special book. My cousin has cerebral palsy like Melody, he couldn’t walk and he couldn’t talk. I could empathize with Melody when I read the story. I felt sad when the kids in her class were very mean to her. I felt bad when Melody’s 3rd grade teacher treated her as if she’s in preschool. I wish they could understand how it feels to be trapped inside your own body. Melody is very intelligent but she couldn’t communicate her thoughts and feelings. It must be frustrating to be stuck in a class learning the alphabet like in kindergarten when you’re the smartest kid in school. I learned a lot about children who have special needs but have the same feelings like us. We should treat them with tolerance and respect.

  11. The book Out of my Mind is, well, OUT OF MY MIND! It is so moving and sad it actually inspired me to write my own book about a handicapped girl. The most sad and happy part of the books is when Melody got the Medi-Talker and she said “I love you” to her parents. I really feel sorry for Melody and how she can’t do such things. Rose seems nice but if she really was a friend, she wouldn’t have left her! Melody deserves to be on the QUIZ TEAM. I really don’t like Mr. Dimming. Her mom is very protective. Melody got the smarts but nobody will give her a chance to let her share that with the world. If a handicapped person ever comes to my school, I just KNOW how to act to her/his after reading out my my mind! I almost cried and cried and cried. This should TOTALLY win as the best Sakura Medal.

  12. I love the book out of my mind. There is a character who is handicapped and cannot talk. Everyone thinks she is just a weird retarded girl but really, she is actually really smart. When she finds out that there might be a way for her to speak, to she goes crazy in wanting that gadget. She finally gets it and finally makes some friends, and gets to in a competition for SMART kids only. Now , she can finally show that she is SMART.

  13. I LOVE ‘Out Of My Mind’! It’s the best book I’ve ever read. I felt sorry for Melody because she can’t talk or Walk! I cryed a little when penny (Melody’s little sister) got run over with the car… But she survived! I highly recomend it.

  14. “Out Of My Mind” is a really good book! At the beginning I felt sorry for Melody because she was really smart and she couldn’t even say her perspective (opinion) on things. She was stuck with the same old people every year and learnt the same old things every year when she was smart. I also felt sorry for her because she couldn’t even walk! I like the ending because Melody figures out the solution to her problem and can be happy.

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