2013 Sakura Medal Books

Harry and Horsie by Katie Van Camp


Harry and Horsie by Katie Van Camp

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Author: dontflop

Enjoy the ride !

12 thoughts on “Harry and Horsie by Katie Van Camp

  1. Hary helps Horsie on the moon. I like this website. It is cool.

  2. Harry was a very good friend to Horsie beacuse Harry made a mistake and Horsie was taken to space but Harry helped Horsie so I think Harry was a very good friend to Horsie so I like Harry.

  3. I like Harry and Horsie and I like Cookiebot, too. Harry is cute.

  4. When Katie Van Kamp came to our school, it quickly inspired me to read it

  5. Harry and Horsie is a very good book. I’ll like to meet Katy Van Kamp again. Will she remember that I was the crying girl. I hope she could write on this website!

    • Harry and Horsie is about a kid that went to space to find his friend Horsie. They travel around the space then Horsie got stuck on the moon. the part that I like was Horsie stuck on the moon and when Harry went on a rocket.

    • Hi Fiona (and everyone),

      Of course I remember you! My friend just sent me this Sakura Medal link and I saw all of these comments. It was so nice to read what you wrote. You guys inspire me too!

      I had such a wonderful time at your school, and all the schools I’ve been to so far. I hope you’ve all been writing lots of great stories.

      All the best,

  6. it is about a kid who looks for his friend.

    i like it.

    its because i was curious what it is.

  7. It was good.
    This book is about a boy and his horse doll.
    Because it was funny a bit.

  8. I like this book because i could explane more about this book.This is my favourite part when the boy go to earth.This is another favourite part of the hariy and horsy it is the boy went to the earth and the boy did rase car and at end the boy went back to the house and that’s the end of the story the end.

  9. I like this book because there are so many toys you wood like and how it show such amazing things

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