2013 Sakura Medal Books

Flash by Michael Cadnum


Flash by Michael Cadnum

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Author: dontflop

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3 thoughts on “Flash by Michael Cadnum

  1. All the ingredients needed for a fast-paced thriller: an injured Iraq vet returns home unexpectedly to small-town America; two local thugs hold up a bank but the heist goes badly wrong; an almost-legally-blind guy whose job involves using a highly sensitive microphone accidentally overhears the thugs discussing their crime; everything converges on a classic countdown to tragedy – unless the hero can save the day. Except nothing really happens. The soldier mooches around for a while wondering if he was betrayed by his friend in the Gulf. The blind guy wanders around on the hillside and behaves rather foolishly for no reason; the thugs make threats but can’t back them up. Then, suddenly, something completely different happens at the end. A remarkably unsatisfying read. Good cover, though.

  2. Flash is an interesting book revolving around four central characters. The story is told in 3rd person, yet the reader becomes firmiliar with all the central characters equally. The story is full of both action as well as inner growth. Flash portrays a realistic portrait of how desperate times cause desperate meausures and lead people to decisions they normally wouldn’t have made.
    The main characters of the story, brothers Milton and Bruce, attempt to make a quick fortune by roobing a bank. The boys both regret the action and develop inner resentment towards each other. The book does a great job at presenting their crime as a rash decision that the boys yearn to erase- this way the boys don’t seem like “bad guys”.

    Unfortunately someone witnesses the robbery committed by the brothers. Terrence, the witness, is nearly blind yet combines the sounds he heard with his past experiences to conclude whom the robbery was done by.

    I have to admit that although the book was supplied with many wonderful elements it did fail to have a satisfying ending. I have read other books in which authors leave a vague ending so that sequels will be easier or so that readers can predict what happens I felt that the author of this book simply didn’t know how to conclude the book. I was engaged throughout the whole book, and then I realized that the book had ended without any warning. Overall I would rate this book 3.5 stars and would encourage it to readers who are ready to read something that strays from the mainstream story lines and plots.

  3. This novel is a grim story about how far people would go for the sake of money. It starts out with multiple plots, and it is interesting to read and see how they tie together as the story progresses. It was especially intriguing to see how every character was affected by others’ acts of desperation.

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