2013 Sakura Medal Books

Annexed by Sharon Dogar


Annexed by Sharon Dogar

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4 thoughts on “Annexed by Sharon Dogar

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  2. I was hesitant to pick up this book, however overall I was pleased with the decision. The book often talked in great depth about sexual encounters. I found this to be inappropriate and think the author could have gotten the point about Peter being interested in sex without discussing it so frequently. I also felt that the sex scenes weakened Peter and Anne’s relationship.

    I also believe that the author wrote this book to clarify the misinterpretations that Peter received since Anne’s portrayal was negative. I am confused as to how the author can justify Peter’s actions and behaviors- basically saying that Anne’s opinions were wrong is presumptuous since Anne actually interacted with him.

    Overall, I feel that the book was written well. I enjoyed the part about Anne coming to Peter in his dreams and saying, “Now do you believe in the power of words?” I think the author was creative in implementing this quote, which made Anne seem brave.

  3. As a person who usually steers clear of historical fiction, I was reluctant to read what seemed to be the memoirs by a fictional, ‘fluffed-up’ version of a real person. I have to say I was satisfied by Ms. Dogar’s retelling of the life of Anne Frank et al in the annex during World War II – I thought she balanced her creativity and historical fact very effectively.
    I think this would be especially interesting if it was read along with “The Diary of Anne Frank”.

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