2013 Sakura Medal Books

Across the Universe by Beth Revis


Across the Universe by Beth Revis

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7 thoughts on “Across the Universe by Beth Revis

  1. Amy has been cryogenically frozen and put aboard a ship that is travelling to a new planet. The journey is destined to take 300 years.
    Elder is being trained to take over control of the ship from Eldest. His duties are to maintain order and manage the working population of the ship.
    But Amy is woken up from her frozen state 50 years too soon and other frozen passengers are being murdered. Meanwhile Elder is frustrated by the slow pace of his education and Eldest’s behaviour is becoming increasingly aggressive and unpredictable. He seems especially disturbed by the presence of Amy who looks and sounds so different from the working population on board. Similarly, Amy is confused, frightened and eventually angered by the seemingly mindless activities of many of the people she encounters. Bizarrely the only normal people appear to be confined to the hospital on a mental ward.
    As truths about how the ship is managed and the accuracy of their voyage become known, both Elder and Amy fear more death and become increasingly suspicious about their fellow passengers and the system by which they are expected to live.
    This was a good science fiction novel, exploring the human condition when confronted with harsh reality, abuses of power and an uncertain future. I found both the main characters to be believable and sympathetic and the resolution, although not final was optimistic.

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  5. I tend to stay away from Sci-fi based novels but this one blew me away. As soon as I saw the summary of this book I knew I must to read it. The book opens with the introduction of Amy and almost instantly gives the readers a look into her perspective and feelings. By the first few pages I’m already so captivated that I feel guilty that she’s faced with such difficult decisions. Shortly after we meet the Elder. He is the future leader of the Godspeed and is being trained to take over the ship and lead his generation to their new home.

    In the story Amy ends up getting woken up early and Elder attempts to make her more comfortable. He is very intrigued by this new girl since she’s so different from anyone else on the ship. He’s fascinated by her hair color, looks, and especially her individuality. The current leader of the ship offers a different opinion and simply finds Amy as a nuisance.

    Many secrets, lies, and mysteries on the ship create a plot where a dull moment is not present. Amy’s parents are still frozen and she worries they will be woken up just like she was. She has also come to the conclusion that she wasn’t woken as an accident because a few others who have been unfrozen were left to die.

    Later in the story an event called Season occurs. During this time everyone starts mating so that they can keep the ships population from receding. I disliked this part of the book because it made it seem that love is predestined rather than a choice made by the two individuals. I get that this isn’t a romance novel so the author didn’t focus on the details of this section but a little more emotion would have been nice.

    (has nothing to do with The Beatles’ song)
A novel that beautifully mixes science fiction, romance, mystery, and action-adventure. The technology on board the Godspeed spaceship is original, fun, and intriguing. I’m not the biggest fan of sci-fi, mainly because I easily get confused about the future-tech terminology and lifestyle, but in this book I thought Beth Reevis did a marvelous job in developing and describing her imaginary world. Not only was it easy to follow along, “Across the Universe” made me think about how technological advances were going to affect the human race and human nature.
    Don’t miss the sequel, A Million Suns!

  7. this book was pretty good. i enjoyed it a lot. it wasn’t hard to understand, and the plot was pretty unique.

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