2013 Sakura Medal Books

A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park


A Long Walk to Water: Based on a True Story…

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Author: dontflop

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7 thoughts on “A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park

  1. What an inspirational story!! I loved this book from beginning to end. “A long walk to water” begins as two stories told by two different people, a girl Nya in Sudan in 2008 and a young boy name Salve in Sudan in 1985. Nya spends about 2 hrs twice a day walking back and forth to fetch water from a river for her family. The boy Salva becomes one of “The lost boys” of Sudan, he escapes war and walks for months in the HOT continent of Africa in search of refuge. I loved how both stories came together in the end, in my opinion it showed how both stories have a connection. I recommend this Book to all the “Lost boys” out there!!

  2. Wow! All I can say is that this was one of the best books I have ever read in the Sakura Medal Book Program. This book is about a young boy named Salva who lives in the south side of Sudan. The people in the north side of Sudan are having a war with the other side because they think that all people in Sudan should be Muslim. But the people in the south side, disagrees. The war begins and Salva runs away and ends up with a group of people trying to reach the refugee camp in Africa. And so they travel. Salva has some ups and downs on this trip. With making a friend, and losing family. The end is brilliant and I really felt how happy Salva and Nya were. Read the story and find out more! Recommended to everyone!!

  3. I feel like I’ve heard this author’s name before. What other books has she written?

    • I believe she has written books such as “Project Mulberry” and “Click”. She is most famous for her book in the 39 clues series “Storm Warning. Other than “storm warning”, I think all of her books are realistic fiction.

  4. I thought this book was a fast paced satisfying novel with an amazing ending.

  5. An excellent book that you simply must read! Knowing that it is based on a true story makes it even better. It really makes you see how lucky we are living in Japan. The internet links at the end of the book are well worth reading too!

  6. I enjoyed reading it, and first, the boy called Salva, thought he lost his familiy, but he found them, and I thought “Lucky Salva, huh?” Even though he was in the war, but he didn’t give up with finding his familiy. I understand why it is a Sakura Medal.

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