2013 Sakura Medal Books

A Girl Named Mister by Nikki Grimes


A Girl Named Mister by Nikki Grimes

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3 thoughts on “A Girl Named Mister by Nikki Grimes

  1. I really thought I was not going to like this book as it is written in verse and was really surprised when I did. I read it last night quite quickly. I have to admit that I read it out aloud while the family was out so that I would get into it quicker. I was amazed at how easy it was to read.

    The story tells the tale of two girls who find themselves pregnant and not married. Mary Rudine, a modern day 14 year old, makes a mistake with Trey falling for his long eye lashes and his smooth skin and lives to immediately regret it. She soon discovers that she is just one in a long line of girls targeted by Trey. She finds comfort in reading a book in her mother’s room about another girl two thousand years ago that was visited by Gabriel just before getting married to Joseph. Fearing that Joseph will reject her and end their two year engagement and that maybe she will end up being stoned, she puts all her trust and faith in God. Mary Rudine finds comfort in this story as well as real, true loving support from her mother and best friend.

    While maybe not a winner, I thought it was a good book and I am glad that I read it.

  2. A girl named mister
    A girl named Mister is a novel written in verse about a 14-year-old Christian girl. Her name is Mary Rudine and is given the nickname “mister” since her initials are the same as the abbreviation for mister (Mr.) Mister is the usual Christian teen-she sings in the church choir, she and her friends have made a purity promise, and they aim to live how God wants them.
    Well, Mister meets a guy, Trey, and everything changes. Mister faces inner struggles as she tries to decide how involved she should become and how to balance her morals with her passion. While this story is going on another tale is being shared. This teenager, also named Mary, is a goody-goody Jewish girl who is soon to be wed. Then one night an angel appears to Mary and tells her that she’s going to have a baby (as a virgin). Mister realizes that this story is similar to her own and uses this story as comfort in her time of despair. Through this story she is reminded upon how deep God’s love for her is and how important He sees her.
    This book is a quick read, yet the comprehension required to fully comprehend the book is in-depth. The story the book discusses is really relatable for teens and would be beneficial to all struggling with decisions regarding their morals vs. their emptions.

  3. Completely comprised of free-verse poems, A Girl Named Mister is a story that parallels the life of a pregnant teen with the Virgin Mary’s at the time of her immaculate conception. The free-verse contributes to the smooth flow of the story, and I found the rhythm added texture to help me understand the characters’ thoughts and emotions.

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