2013 Sakura Medal Books

13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison


The Thirteen Treasures by Michelle Harrison

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3 thoughts on “13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison

  1. Tanya can see fairies but not the sweet pretty kind you may be used to; more like grumpy mischievous goblins. She keeps this a secret because the fairies do not want their presence broadcast and any attempts she makes to reveal them result in them playing tricks which get her into trouble with her mother. After a series of unfortunate incidents, Tanya is banished to her grandmother’s house where she uncovers an old mystery involving a disappearing girl in the nearby forest. With the help of the gamekeeper’s son, Fabian, she investigates.
    This was a well-constructed mystery with lots of intersting twists and turns even if the coincidences did occasionally become a little too predictable. I will be happy to read the follow-up stories.

  2. When my school’s librarian showed me the Sakura Medal blog, I was captured by “13 Treasures”. While reading the blurb, I was thinking,”What was the 13 Treasures? Was Tanya the only person in the world who could see fairies? Will Tanya find out the mystery of the missing girl?” Questions popped out of my mind like a waterfall. Therefore, I decided to read this book.

    Tanya was not a ordinary twelve years old girl at all. She could see fairies. But, they are not the types of fairies that grant us wishes. Instead, they cause agony to Tanya.
    Unfortunately, Tanya’s mother cannot see the fairies. At night, the fairies will come and rouse her from her peaceful sleep. Sometimes, Tanya gets so frightened by those fairies that she would scream. To Tanya’s mother, Tanya was causing her a lot of troubles. So, Tanya’s mother decided to send her away to her grandmother’s house which at Elvesden Manor, a remote countryside mansion.
    Tanya was often bored in her grandmother’s house. One day, Tanya was wandering around the mansion and found the library. She saw a newspaper article with a heading, “Missing girl in Hangman’s Wood”. That was when Tanya learnt about the missing girl in fifty years ago. She was curious and decided to solve the mystery. Fabian, a middle-school boy who lives in that mansion too with his father. Fabian know a bit about the case and shares what he knows with Tanya. This gave Tanya a stronger urge to find out more. After many attempts, Fabian and Tanya managed to go into the forbidden woods without Fabian’s father in their way. This mystery will be revealed if you read this facinating book.

    The beginning of this story might seem a little bit boring to some readers, but you must continue reading it as the plot was fantastic. One event was after another, and there was never a rest in the plot. It was captivating and breath-taking. Although all of us know that fairies are not true, that does not put us down in reading this book. Michelle Harrison wrote it in such a great way that readers of all ages will definitely enjoy and love this amazing book!

  3. This book is about a girl called Tanya who can see fairies. The fairies aren’t what you might normally imagine though. They are mischievous and give Tanya a hard time. No one else can see fairies, so when the fairies do something bad, Tanya is blamed. Because of the fairies, Tanya’s mother sends her to the grandmother’s house. Tanya finds an article about a missing girl in Hangman’s woods. The girl’s name was Morwenna Bloom, and she disappeared 50 years ago, never to be seen again. Tanya becomes curious about this girl, and finds out many things. One of the things she finds out is that the gamekeeper’s father, Amos, is suspected of killing Morwenna. To try and prove his innocence, or guilt, Tanya and the gamekeeper’s son, Fabian, set out to find out what really happened to Morwenna.

    I personally didn’t really like this book because it felt too familiar. The story had too many unexplained parts that probably won’t be explained in the other books of the series. I did like the author’s style of writing, though, so I think I might read the other two books.

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