2013 Sakura Medal Books

Wishworks, Inc. by Stephanie Tolan


Please add a comment below once you have finished reading this book.


Author: dontflop

Enjoy the ride !

11 thoughts on “Wishworks, Inc. by Stephanie Tolan

  1. It is really boring when I first read it but when I read more it is actually

  2. Hello,
    The book was great I liked the dogs name so much.(Ratty)
    The beginning was boring but when the story kept going it was great.
    I think this a great book for grades 3-5.
    Thank you for writing this fantastic book I really enjoyed it!

  3. I really LOVE dogs so this book really fit me! I couldn`t understand why Max why he didn`t like Ratty (Goldie)? She was SO cute for me! I didn`t like Max`s imaginary dog, King, no offense but he`s kinda ugly :P.

  4. i like the begining when he dreams about the dog!

  5. I enjoy reading books about making wishes and seeing how those wishes turn out. Fun!

  6. I liked how the auther made the story a happy ending because the auther made a relly not trained dog relly trained

  7. I loved this book because I could really imagine what the writer was trying to say.

  8. I loved this book as it was really very interesting.

  9. This book is a about a very imaginative boy who takes a trip to WishWorks.Inc.
    He makes quite a few mistakes with his wishes, but it was a very satisfying book!

  10. This book is about a boy, in his dreams he goes to a shop and buys wishes. When he wakes up his wishes come true.
    My favorite character is Goldie (The boy called him Ratty). He’s my favorite character because the author described Goldie the best. I would never have called the puppy Ratty he is too cute to be called Ratty.
    I loved this BOOK!!!!! I loved this book because it was my favorite Sakura Medal book.
    You should read this book because it is very interesting.
    When I started to read this book I thought it would be boring but when I got into the story I loved it!!!!!!!
    There are some sad parts in the book but only a few, so you should definitely READ it!

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