2013 Sakura Medal Books

The Day of the Pelican by Katherine Paterson


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Author: dontflop

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3 thoughts on “The Day of the Pelican by Katherine Paterson

  1. This book was alright but I really felt that it did not have enough bite or death in it. This was a terrible time in history and yet there was only one death in the book to a character that we know when we all have read that in real life whole communities were ruthlessly slaughtered. It is interesting but I felt that for a Middle School book it was far too gentle. I felt the final climax at the school in America was far too easily solved. I could easily see how the final problem could happen but not the way one trip home after school made everyone happy again.

  2. I actually really liked this book. It’s cool how a family had to travel soo much and then they eventually moved to America!!! I reall thought that Meli’s older brother was a hero, just like his dad.

  3. I agree to all comments that has been made. Meli’s family’s lives went too easy to be in a war. At first, they escaped to a camp in the hills, then to their uncle’s, then, well… America, and they just learn the language, go to school, play sports, and just live like everyone else does. Of course there were some hard situations, but they solved it really easily. For example, when they had nowhere to go and had nothing to eat, Meli’s grandmother had two loaves of bread that she was planning to bring to the chickens.

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