2013 Sakura Medal Books

Freefall by Ariela Anhalt


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Author: dontflop

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5 thoughts on “Freefall by Ariela Anhalt

  1. As I teacher-librarian, I know that I meant to recommend all the books on the lists but I found this one hard. I never warmed to the two main characters and I really disliked the final ending. (Not going to say why here as I don’t want to give it away). I disliked most of the people who went to Briar’s Academy, hated Hayden’s attitude and got annoyed with Luke. Sorry, not a winner for me.

  2. I found this book riveting. The story was from a teenager’s perspective and it was extremely relatable. Besides, the plot overall, I really enjoyed the emotional struggle between the right and wrong (or was it right or wrong?) that he had to choose between. The conflicting emotions were described in detail and I understood why he would feel that way. I understood why he would find such a hard time making the right decision. The ending jumps out at you and keeps you thinking about it even after you finish the last line. I liked the book. I wouldn’t re-read it (the emotional dilemma was stressing for Luke, the main character and also for the reader reading his conflict) but I would definitely recommend it.
    ASIJ M.Itoh 9th grade

  3. I found this book very easy to relate to because it was told from a teenagers point of view. It was very interesting to figure out what Luke would do, the struggles between right and wrong, and dealing with his friend being in jail. The trauma from his classmate’s death shocked him and he had to deal with the resentment of his other classmates. Overall I liked the book a lot, although I would not recommend it to readers who like fast paced novels. I was kind of disappointed with the ending but it was very hard to put down and I enjoyed reading it.

  4. “Freefall” was a decent read with very intense emotional value. The unrelenting stress and uncertainty that hangs over the main character really gets to you as he must decide how to testify regarding his friend’s supposed murder. The characters were very believable, likely because the book’s author was a sophomore in college at the time the book was published. The only issues that I had with the novel were that it was a little slow at times, and it was a bit heavy for somebody looking for a casual, easygoing read. I did enjoy the ending because it left me thinking about my own morals and how I would react in such a stressful situation. Maybe not my favorite book out there, but a worthy read.

  5. This is a murder mystery that takes place in a boarding school. I thought the book was good in the sense that it jumped right to the inciting incident, so there was never a time when I was bored reading it. The book’s theme on whether loyalty or moral conduct are more important is very relevant to people today, especially to high school students who start to receive more independency and responsibility.
    ASIJ J Carroll. Grade 9

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