2013 Sakura Medal Books

Dying to Meet You: 43 Old Cemetery Road by Kate Klise


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Author: dontflop

Enjoy the ride !

21 thoughts on “Dying to Meet You: 43 Old Cemetery Road by Kate Klise

  1. this book was okay, but not the best book

  2. this book was pretty good, but it wasnt as good as i hoped

  3. I think was a cute book.

  4. This book is interesting because it is about a boy, an author and a ghost.

  5. I enjoyed reading this book!
    It was interesting with different types of writing.
    Also, I liked the drawings.
    This is an easy book that anyone can read without worries!

  6. An enjoyable read. I enjoyed it so much, I read it three times in a row. Unique way of writing. Written in letters and newspaper articles.

    • You have the same name as my teacher…Anyways, I agree with you, it is a unique way of writing.

    • I agree with you!!!
      It was an enjoyable read!!
      And I also read it three times in a row.
      I loved how the author wrote it in different ways
      as newspaper articles and stuff!

  7. I will recommend this book to people who like easy books.This book only has letters.

  8. I am still reading this book but right now the book is very good because I am not a fast reader but this book doesn’t have that many words so like it. I would recomened it to people in 1 grade because this book only has letters

  9. I especially like this book because there is a lot of humor, for example, when Olive the ghost is living with a human and likes to play pranks. When Olive cuts the string and the chandelier falls on Grumpy hurting him.

  10. I really like how the author told the story in letters. The pictures that Seymor drew look very realistic, especially since the pictures were made to look like a young boy drew them.

  11. I liked this book because it was interesting how it was a story by letters and cute little pictures. I would like to recommend this book to people who wants to be a author and any other person.

  12. soooooooo awesome! and relly scary too

  13. Sweet and short. A nice book to read under the covers on a rainy day. 🙂 Thumbs up from me, definitely.


  14. I think this it was a interesting book

  15. it is intresting book because it has no chapters and there is a ghost. There is also pictures and the ghost talks at the middle of the story to the end.the last of all the end is a biggining and the beggining is the end.the cover attracted me to read it. The title is Dying to meet you.

  16. This book was AMAZING!!! I like it, I mean I LOVE it because it is a great adventure book and a thrilling story! You should read it! (^ o ^)

  17. I really liked this book because because it is a bit mysterious but mostly adventurous. You should read this book because it is very good and well written but in a very unusual way. My favorite character is Olive the ghost because she is very nice but has a very bad temper. She cooks very well and is an awesome story writer.

  18. Wonderings:
    -Why would Seymour`s parents sneak out of the house in midnight and get out without Seymour to Europe?
    -Why does Olive have to drop the chandelier in front of Mr.Grumbly just because he wants to tease him?
    -I felt sad for Grumbly because he had been tease for a long time by Seymour and Olive.
    -It is sad for Grumbly that his girlfriend broke up with him and broke his heart so that is why he had not written a book for 20 years.
    A author named Mr.Grumbly who hadn`t written a book for 20 years and needed a place to work so he can write a book. But suddenly there was a 11-year-old boy, his cat and his best friend called Olive. Olive is a ghost. Olive keeps on playing the piano all the time and slamming the doors all the time when he gets angry. So he could not really write a book in that creaky little house. Seymour and Grumbly always use letters to talk instead of talking to each other. Even Olive does that with Grumbly too. But after they all three get together and Olive helps Mr.Grumbly write his book with Olive.The house that they were renting, was going to be dumped so Seymour bought the house so he can stay living there. Seymour and Grumbly begged Olive to stay with them because they would be all lonely without him so they begged for him and the answer was YES!

  19. It was fun to read because the story was told in letters so it was more enjoyable.

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