2013 Sakura Medal Books

11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass


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Author: dontflop

Enjoy the ride !

15 thoughts on “11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass

  1. I always thought that it would be great to have your birthday over and over again. But after reading this book, I’m not so sure. A fun read just like her other book A Mango Shaped Space.

  2. I like the book but it is kind of confusing because it starts when Amanda and Leo are little and then it goes to her 1st or 2nd birthday then it skips to their 10th then 11th. But it is really fun and you will enjoy it.

  3. I think it is more 5th or 6th graders

  4. I liked this book. This was a book I didn’t want to read but, once I started to read it how could I stop?

  5. I read about seven pages of the book but I still think its a very good book.If I were a character in the story I would like to be the old grandma because she has a power to see the future.

  6. I loved this book! Wendy Mass is one of my favorite authors. It includes a little bit of fantasy (the old lady) as well. It was a very surprising book.

  7. I love this book!
    I think it’s really good!
    Wendy Mass is one of my favourite author and i will like to try other books written by her.

  8. I loved this book!
    It was very interesting and surprising!
    I knew that I would like this book!
    I wanna read other books written by this author!
    I kind of wanted to be Amanda or Leo but kind of not!
    Because I would be scared if a day repeated again and again and you think no one knows that!
    But it was so lucky for Amanda and Leo to discover that they are in a same situation!
    OOPPS~ I will try not to tell much about this book!

  9. This book is good because how would you feel if you can redo your mistakes one day TEN TIMES?

  10. I wish I had 11 birthdays like that!

  11. This defiatey myavriit is so funtastic!

  12. 11 Birthdays is one of my favorite books in the sakura medal books. It is a very fun and it leaves you thinking what will happen next. I would recommend this book to 3,4, and 5 graders.

  13. This book was interesting because it really showed how much they hated each other but also worked together to solve the problem of the reoccurring birthdays.

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