2013 Sakura Medal Books

かいとうドチドチ どろぼうコンテスト by 柏葉幸子∥文 ; ふくだじゅんこ∥画


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Author: dontflop

Enjoy the ride !

4 thoughts on “かいとうドチドチ どろぼうコンテスト by 柏葉幸子∥文 ; ふくだじゅんこ∥画

  1. When I looked at the title I was surprised because it said robbing contest.
    If you want to know what happens just read the book!!!!

  2. This book was a funny book. It was a fun book.The best thing in the house was a song.I recommend it to people who is not good at japanese

    • Nanami, you meant that the book is good for beginning chapter book readers, right? I read the book and I think it is a great level for students who have started reading chapter books and for both boys and girls who enjoy funny stories.

  3. I liked this book because the fat person didn’t give up so he won the robbing contest. If the fat person, Dochidochi was really in this world I would want him to come to my house because even though he’s a robber, he only steals things that we don’t need. Then he trades for things that we want. I wish Dochidochi could find me an i Pad.

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