2013 Sakura Medal Books

The Tomorrow Code by Brian Falkner

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Author: dontflop

Enjoy the ride !

One thought on “The Tomorrow Code by Brian Falkner

  1. A mystery of sets of numbers that had to be cracked out. The smart girl and the creative boy who work together as they save the impossible, and when I say impossible, I mean it.

    The two best friends were together one night, when Tane brought up the subject of time traveling. Rebbeca-the smart, logical one -rejects the idea of time traveling as Tane argues. Later on, they found out as they use a programme to search up on the gamma ray burst, they found out a winning lotto number that was send by their future-selves.

    As they use Morse Code to figure out the rest of the message with the three million dollars form the winning lotto number, they must go on a mission to save the future. A submarine, the mysterious Chimera Project, and saving the world, all inside the novel of “The Tomorrow Code”.

    The story is not complicated, and the adventure seems real. It perked up my interst when the saving the world includes fighting against yourself. Do you want to save the earth of your specice, the mother earth or your race. The unexpected twist makes it all the more better. As the author says:


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