2013 Sakura Medal Books

The Cabinet of Wonders by Marie Rutkoski


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Author: dontflop

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2 thoughts on “The Cabinet of Wonders by Marie Rutkoski

  1. At first when my book bowl group ask me to read it I found it boring. But soon I enjoyed the part how Petra met Neel. I wish I had powers like Neel. I still wonder how does ‘invisible’ fingers help him break in rooms that is locked.

  2. The Cabinet of Wonders is an amazing book. Idea came out of legend, author-Marie Rutkoski-’s imagination, and history. At some part, it is hard to understand if the reader is not imaginative enough. This book is a kind of book, which make reader feel as if that person is in the magic world, and pulls them into the world of imagination.

    Petra Kronos; main character who is twelve years old, finds her father brought back from the castle without his eyes. She knows her father can’t work without his eyes, for he only uses his eyes to work, no hands, and no visible tools. He made many metal creatures and magical metal object with his eyes and invisible tools, including Petra’s metal-spider friend; Astrophil. She wants her father’s eyes back, and for that, she needs to go inside of the castle, but how? How can she go to the castle when she doesn’t know the way to go to the Prague, which is a city where prince lives? Also, how can she survive in there?

    This book is full of amazing lives of magical people created from author’s imagination and knowledge of history. For example, she might not have been able to think about living metal animals made by magical power of working with eyes if she might not have been able to do without her wonderful imagination. Also, she might not have been able to write this book without her knowledge for this book has some legend and histories in them. Actually, the main idea of this book is from legend.

    I love this book and enjoyed this book very much. I was confused between true world and the magical world in the book. Once, I was confused after I stopped reading until my friend-who also read this book and had same experience as me- told me that this isn’t a world of magic. I still read this book sometimes and become confused again, but that doesn’t mean it makes the reader to act really weird as if they are the magician. So people don’t have to worry, and that’s how I was able to read this until the end.

    As I said above, this book is very enjoyable and amazing. I introduce this book to every one, except for small kids who can’t read properly. This book is welcome to everyone for it is pure, without any big fight and it is easy to read. Though some people might not enjoy this for they don’t understand fantasy or imagination. The Cabinet of Wonders is a great book to read and will help people to grow their imagination world.

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