2013 Sakura Medal Books

Bringing the Boy Home by N.A. Nelson


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Author: dontflop

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6 thoughts on “Bringing the Boy Home by N.A. Nelson

  1. testinig testing

  2. Bringing the boy home is a great book. I thought that the idea of having a warrior is very cool and mysterios and i love mysterios books.

  3. Brining The Boy Home- written by N. A. Nelson- is a great book that I finished in one day. This book is very exciting, though it was quite complicating to understand the story, because I didn’t know what was going on at the beggining. A boy was found floating in the river and doesn’t know who his father is, and all those kinds of prologue. Also, there were two narative voices changing over one chapter each.

    The people who are doing the narative voices are the two main characters. Both of them are 12 years old boys at the beggining, and they have very deep relationships between each other without knowing it. Also, both of them are from the same tribe called Takunami, and they have a complicated life with sad or bad past. These two boys are called Tirio and Luka. Even though they are from the same tribe, they have a complete different lives. Tirio has been grown up in American woman’s hand until few days before he becomes 13 years od since he was 6 years old, and Luka was with his family all the time, but his father died without Luka knowing who he was.

    This book has some adventures and love as not a romance beteen a boy and girl, but a love between parents and child. I like the way the author organized the story, and how she described and created the lanuage of the tribe, which was created for this book. Though I hope the book cover is different a bit, for it looks like a horror book with a huge reptiles staring with a boy canoeing behind it, making a horrible face. I think there might be other kind of cover, though.

    I think this book is good book to learn how important a family is, and some knowledge about a tribes, which haunt and gather te foods with different kinds of beliefs, and are living in a place like a jungle, full of nature. So I think people should read this if they can get one, and for the language isn’t complicated, I think anybody can read this book.

  4. I also thought that “Bringing the Boy home” was a great book. I also couldn’t understand the beginning of the book but I thought that the rest of the book was amazing.
    The cover and the title made me want to read the book. I thought that this book will be a good book because the title’s words sounded like a adventure story which I like.
    I would also recommend this book for you to read.

  5. Hello! N.A. Nelson, here—author of Bringing the Boy Home. I’m so happy to read that you all enjoyed the book and I’m glad you liked the cover. The man who illustrated it is named Tim Jessell and I agree—he is amazing! I think he was chosen for Bringing the Boy Home because his animal drawings are so life-like. More examples of his animal illustrations (including my cover) are here: http://www.timjessell.com/Animals_Nature.html.

    Keep reading and thanks for the wonderful comments.

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