2013 Sakura Medal Books

Ottoline and the Yellow Cat by Chris Riddell


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Author: dontflop

Enjoy the ride !

3 thoughts on “Ottoline and the Yellow Cat by Chris Riddell

  1. This book is a very complicated book. It didn’t have a problem and it was also weird. I didn’t really like it because I didn’t get what the message was to the readers. But one thing I loved about this book were the pictures. The pictures were very creative and pretty. It made me want to go inside the story and look with my own two eyes. The main character is Ottoline. She is a very sensitive girl. Her parents love traveling so, Ottoline meets her parents once a month. Mr. Munroe the babysitter takes care of Ottline when the parents go traveling. Mr. Munroe lives with Ottoline and he is her best friends. Mr. Munroe only eats hot chocolate and porridge. I wonder why? If you like complicated books you should read this!
    Out of 5, I will give this book a 2.

  2. The book was great but short. It was well explained through both words and pictures. The two main characters are Ottoline and Mr. Munroe who are detectives. Little Ottoline has the strange habit of collecting things like her parents, and the strange things always leads little Ottoline and Mr. Munroe into different interesting events. Mr. Munroe is an imaginary creature from Norway. Mr. Munroe only eats hot chocolate and porridge. This book contains a lot of detective stories and funny parts. If you would like to relax and enjoy the fun of book reading, I personally suggest this book. I will give this book- 4.9 stars out of 5 stars.

  3. I would like to have a friend like Mr. Monroe. I think he looked rather cool.

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