2013 Sakura Medal Books

Mixing It by Rosemary Hayes

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One thought on “Mixing It by Rosemary Hayes

  1. Mixing It, by Rosemary Hayes portrays the modern world where we now currently live in with constant terrorism and threats. The book focuses on the difference and gap in culture regarding terrorism and the struggles people face due to huge differences in their way of living.

    The book features two main characters, Fatimah and Steve. Both of them are high school teenagers who go to school in the United Kingdom, but have never talked or knew each other. Fatimah is a devoted Muslim. She puts all of her effort into her faith and follows her religion’s rules, beliefs, rituals, and enjoys her devotion to Islam. On the other hand, Steve is more of the average teenage boy, hanging out with his friends and living the typical teenage life. Unlike Fatimah, Steve is an atheist like his parents and has never had any interest in religion. He has a father, who is narrow sighted against Muslims as a few of the Muslim extremists have been causing terrorist activities in the country. (Although not stated, this would most likely referred to Al-Quida)

    The plot starts out on an ordinary school day. Fatimah and her best friend and Steve are on the way to school when one of the Muslim extremists blows up a bomb on the streets they are walking in. Fatimah’s friend is instantly killed, and Steve is badly injured in the leg. Fatimah, who is miraculously uninjured helps and bandages Steve’s shattered leg and lets his head in her lap. However the press come and their picture is printed on the front pages the following day with the title, “Love across the divide”. Both Fatimah and Steve start to face the struggles of each other’s culture views and have to start to understand each other.

    I think this book is significant as it portrays very realistically the modern world where we now live in today after the events of 9/11. The book does a good job in focusing on the religious tensions that were created from it. The book, unlike the media speaks the views of ordinary Muslims who have almost nothing to do with terrorism. It made me recognize again that the media has massive influence over many people and can sometimes lead struggles to people communicated over it. Although the book has a rather dark tone to it, it is worth a read as it realistically portrays the unknown and untold perspectives of the Muslims struggling through their differences of views in world we live in today.

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